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It all depends on what you see. In frame 313 of the Zapruder film (which captures the exact moment of the head shot) you can see a trail of brain matter following the Conally carried a pistol strapped to his ankle. He leaves right away and is later seen in the basement of the Dallas Police Department hoping to "secure two of his employees." right. wound described by eyewitnesses and the doctors that treated JFK in, We can see the problem just Cardiac Massage? In this overhead view of the limousine and its occupants, the trajectory of a bullet that would cause this kind of wound has been traced backwards to the point of origin, which is the right shoulder of William Greer, the limousine driver. The shot from the knoll, to his left temporal lobe, caused him to move leftward and that is the shot that knocked him over in the seat. ", Hugh Betzner, who had a photograph published in Life Magazine and was standing right next to the Secret Service agents and heard a sound "like firecrackers going off in the car." enabling me to verify that William Greer, the Secret Service Agent driving the presidential limousine on November 22, 1963, fired the fatal shot with a hand gun that killed President Kennedy, our 35th President that day. modern computers to remove as much of the blur from Frame 313 as possible. "The doctor said one bullet passed from back to front on the right side of the President's head. Greer turns his head to take aim at Kennedy. His hundred-page Austin P. Miller - Texas Louisiana Freight Bureau, who stood on the railway overpass overlooking Elm Street was asked by Arlen Spector where the shots came from: His reply was "from right there in the car." It was likely Kellerman who placed the magical "pristine" bullet on the corridor stretcher at Parkland which "proved " that Oswald's rifle was used in the assassination. The Presidential aircraft was due to depart Dallas at 2:35 pm. Now, normally it would not be good to be featured as a "JFK assassination researcher" in a paper like the Globe, but since it had been distributed at grocery stands across America, I got phone calls from all around the country who agreed with me. 12:31:06 - FBI Division Five professional Manual Gonzales, sometimes called "Badgeman" fires once from behind the stockade fence with the only rifle that has smoke coming from the barrel. It is my opinion that a cover-up plan was hurriedly hatched on the fly that day. These statements do not match the timelines and actions described by Fred Newcomb in Murder from Within (published in 2011), which is the most credible book in print on the JFK assassination, in my opinion. ), Did the limo driver shoot JFK? i.e. SA Paul Landis, right running board behind Ready. note - The timing of this broadcast would sugguest that it replaces a Hard Copy telecast that was to show "Dallas Revisited" and the story of William Cooper who lectures on the Kennedy assassination, alleging that he saw Office of Naval Intelligence briefing papers that confirm that JFK was shot by the limousine driver, William Greer. Directors --- Genres Because of the National Security issues involved in true knowledge that it was, indeed, the limousine driver, that shot JFK, the government has had to practice "damage control" to contain this knowledge. Gonzales took the clothing to Washington, D.C. where they hung in his closet for at least a week before Nellie Connally got them back and laudered them, making them useless to the FBI when the finially caught up with them to test them for powder burns. The pattern of the tissue around the hole above Kennedy's right ear matches the pattern of the tissue of the apple around the entry point of the bullet in the high-speed photo below.. The bullet did not exit out the left side. Zapruder Film: JFK Assassination [HD] From ecolvin August 25th, 2019. views. Hair and scalp above temple (where wikipedia According to Larry Jamison, it was Greer and Kellerman who arranged to hide Kennedy's body inside a military coffin that was taken out the back of Parkland Hospital. It was Lyndon Johnson who ordered Congressman Henry Gonzales to remove Gov. http://educate-yourself.org/cn/drivergreershotbothjfkandconnally05feb13.shtml#top, Part 2, The Video Documentary, "JFK to 911, Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick" isItselfa Trick (Nov. 19, 2016) There exists in the National Archives (but not the Warren Commission files) a statement made by Kellerman to the FBI that President Kennedy said "my God, I'm hit," and he says that the President reaches around and grabs his back. http://educate-yourself.org/cn/The-Video-Documentary-JFK-to-911-Everything-Is-A-Rich-Mans-Trick-is-Itself-a-Trick19nov16.shtml#top, Part 1, New 3.5 Hour Documentary, JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick, While Flawed, Presents Valuable Historic Insights into NWO Elite Machinations (Jan. 14, 2015) The following shows the Zapruder film (frames 311 to 316) in slow motion to see this frame in context. II, pp 138-139 of the Warren Commission Volumes: "I jumped from the car, realizing that something was wrong, and ran to the presidential limousine. Gary Mack, Curator of The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza stated, "Newman appeared on WFAA-TV in Dallas about 15-20 minutes after the shooting. that the shot came from behind. The reaction was for the head to move up, and the body to move rearward and to the right. Zapruder film has been substantially altered, if not completely forged. 12:31 p.m. - William Seymour, FBI Division 5 team shooter fires three shots from the sixth floor of the TSBD, hitting Kennedy once in the back. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Among many startling revelations in the book, Bill Cooper said that the Secret Service agent driving JFK's limo, William Greer, could be seen in the unedited Zapruder film placing a light colored (silvery or light grey) .45 caliber-looking automatic on his right shoulder, turning his head around, and shooting JFK in the right forehead area which blew a huge gaping hole out the right rear of Kennedy's head. Senator Spector just went on to the next question, never asking Miller any specifics. There exists in the National Archives {but not the Warren Commission files} a statement made by Kellerman to the FBI that president Kennedy said "my God, I'm hit." He decided to go to Dealey Plaza to see the Presidents motorcade. As one can see from this diagram, when Greer fired, Governor Connelys suit coat was close to the muzzle blast. Clinton J. Hill, Jacqueline Kennedy's bodyguard, reports in Vol. I think I described it in my statement as though someone was shooting a revolver into a hard objectit seemed to have some type of echo. I knew that Cooper was making the video available, but I never actually saw the footage myself until a couple of days ago when I viewed a DVD sent to me by someone who asked me if I wanted to see the Zapruder clip. Another phone call I got as a result of my letter to the editor was from a woman in her 80's who lived in Cayucos who I met on a number of occasions for coffee. Thank you for reading and stay connected with my website as I will continue to bring stories on more iconic photographs for you. The original Google link which I posted with this article had since become defunct. Forty years has passed since that fatal day and I feel it it time for me to share more fully with the readers what I learned from that 3 hour interview. Fred commented to me that publishers would not publish the book "because they are scared." I did my own photo blowup of that part of the photo and compared it to a known photo of Oswald taken after his arrest. Chief Dallas homicide investigator Will Fritz got 3 calls from President Johnson telling hime to "back off the investigation because National Security is involved. The case was so strong that Newcomb distributed copies to law enforcement authorities and to members of the Senate and Congress at that time because he felt he would be guilty of obstruction of justice if he didn't. The most well-known of those is a 26-second clip captured by Abraham Zapruder, a businessman who worked across the street from where Kennedy was killed. i.e. He took the black-and-white copies of the Zapruder film Notice that this still maintains that the fatal shot came from the rear. Newcomb points out that when a handgun is fired at close range, powder burns are left on anything in the vicinity. Frame 313 of the Zapruder Film, 1963 (Photo courtesy of: TIME: 100 Photos) A grassy field. Answer (1 of 5): Neither do any conspiracy theorists, who refuse to listen to extremely experienced pathologists, even those with a career full of battlefield injuries. I have one local researcher who maintains that the alterations took place at Walter Reed Army Hospital. JFK Assassination Zapruder Stabilized Motion Panorama HD plus SloMo - 50th anniversary. ], [Update Dec. 27, 2015: Bill Cooper was convinced that Greer had shot JFK with a special designed, electrically-operated weapon that looked like a .45 automatic, but used exploding pellets containing a deadly shell fish toxin. Do HEADS really contain this much blood? New kinda chrome? This reply matches the description in the caption of the car diagram above. Little Richard - Lucille (1958) [Digitally Remastered] Statements made by seven different Parkland Hospital doctors including Dr. Robert N. McClelland, Dr. Paul Peters and Dr. Charles A. Crenshaw indicate that the original appearance of the wound to Kennedys head was a large gaping entry wound to his right temple (left as you face him) and a much larger exit wound in the right rear of his head. the American public, over the past four decades. Malcom Perry, 2. The fatal headshot. . It does not take into account the entry hole is above Kennedy's right ear. And, since these code books have to pass through 17 hands before getting on board the bombers, it seems likely that this may be a conspiracy. Tippit. This would make sense, if I've posted some still frames at the bottom of the page from the Zapruder clip showing Greer a moment before the head shot, the head shot itself with its attendant explosion of blood and brain tissue, and the milliseconds following the fatal shot as Greer withdraws the gun from his right shoulder and down to his left side. [Larry Ed. When they were given back to Nellie Connaly, she laundered them. JFK Further evidence comes from the Wiegman film: It would be natural to turn the camera in the direction from which the cameraman thought the shot(s) originated. The next photo shows the likely path of the bullet. A driver. It is reasonable to assume that if a gun were fired in the limousine, then there would be the smell of gunsmoke. And one can see why because the words of one rejecting publisher was tha t "it is mind shattering." It's been called the most important 26 seconds of film in history: The 486 frames of 8-millimeter Bell + Howell home movie footage shot in the midday sun of Dallas on November 22, 1963, by a. However, Lifton would by the same amount as Frame 313, and then the two frames were compared. Tests showed that the camera, loaded with double 8-millimetre Kodachrome II colour film, recorded at an average speed of 18.3 frames per second and there were either 486 or 487 frames with assassination-related images. By Jerry Organ. His statement was that President said "'my God, I'm hit,' and then reaches around and grabs his back." Nix was an air conditioning engineer who apparently left school after the fourth grade. 1:55. The second time he turns, he appears to bring his left hand accross his right shoulder and fire the fatal shot that we see on frame 313 of the Zapruder film. 2. Archived here: https://archive.is/WYuTh ], Still Frames from Zapruder Film Showing driver William Greer Shooting Kennedy By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. First of all, let me say that to this day Fred's book with a 1975 copyright has not been published. It's SA John D. Ready seen on the right in the video above who had shrugged his shoulders three times and is perplexed as to why he shouldn't continue running alongside the limo. This seems to again tell us Zapruder Film was a key evidence admitted by Warren Commission which was appointed for investigation into the assassination. He was also a member of several influential Dallas County political bodies. You can see from the Zapruder film that Roberts' Secret Service car was following immediately behind JFK's limo (perhaps 3 - 5 feet) at the time of the shooting and certainly not 25 feet behind the limo as stated by Roberts in his official report. He is the shooter captured on the [Mary] Moorman polaroid firing a [loud] rifle that produced a puff of smoke so people would look at him [Badgeman], so a split second later, Greer was able to shoot Kennedy with less people watching him. The bullet did not exit out the back of his head which it would have had he been shot from the front. When I resent another copy via United Parcel package service, he got it. Mary Moorman the school teacher standing next to Jean Hill saw Greer shooting but thought he was shooting back at the assassin. with this: everyone who saw the You can see the entry hole just above his ear Jean Hill & Mary Moorman adjacent to JFK's limo as Kennedy reacts to Greer's first bullet to the throat and a moment prior to Greer shooting JFK in the head (.45 automatic already resting on Greer's right shoulder) Mary Moorman is taking a black and white photo with a Polaroid camera that upon later enlargement would reveal the "Badgeman" shooter behind the white picket fence on the Grassy Knoll. Zapruder Frame 313: The JFK Assassination | 100 Photos | TIMEhttps://www.youtube.com/user/TimeMagazine Re:R. Andrew Kiel-you are " Spot On ". Maybelleeng. He is identified photographically in the "Dallas Revisited" video and in "High Treason" stills. He immediately gave two copies to the Secret Service. that JFKs head moves forward: The movement was checked by Eventually it was found that a former US marine named Lee Harvey Oswald killed the President. When you enlarge a still frame, although you loose sharpness of detail, you notice things that aren't apparent when viewed as a normal sized photo. was killed by a shot coming from in front of him and to his right (from the grassy frames, published by the U.S. Government, to Nobel-prize-winning physicist His work is an enlargement of a working paper furnished to him by two government agents - one with the Customs department and the other from the Narcotics Bureau. The hole in Kennedy's back just below the shoulder ws not reported in Dallas. Of course, Bill Cooper saw the ONI report likely in the early 1970's, so he was privy to the info for a long time before Larry I'm sure, but publication is what counts, so I don't want to take anything away from Larry's efforts either. Could his Colt pistol in his left hand and rests it on his right shoulder firing the single shot that causes Kennedys fatal head wound. I showed him my copy of "Dallas Revisited" and some stills I made of frames 312 and 313 of the Zapruder film from a high quality broadcast video. Zapruder Film Frames Addeddate 2019-11-05 01:54:09 Identifier zapruderfilmframes Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.4. plus-circle Add Review. Consequently the third copy was sent to the LIFE magazines production facilities in Chicago. Overhead view of the Presidential limousine, Nov. 22, 1963, We know from frame 312 of the Zapruder film that just after President Kennedy had been hit in the throat he turned at the last second to his left almost facing Jackie. Feynman ignored all of the frames except the ones that show the President just This version takes the original 18 frame-per-second film and interpolates it to 30 frames per second. 1963 (http://www.jfk-online.com/emroberts.html). A man who belonged to the San Luis Obispo Public Awareness group, had shown me his copy of the video "Dallas Revisited - The Truth Betrayed," which had been produced right in this county by South Bay Video Productions for Lars Hanson, who narrated the film and some local researchers. the doctors and nurses at Dallass Parkland Hospital, where the President was People saw what happened. That is consistent with the autopsy photo showing the top of Kennedy's head blown off. 4. A woman dressed in pink. Senator Ralph Yarborough - 3rd car back "Smelled gunpowder in the car." He told her: "Sis, if people really knew what happened, theyd be rioting in the streets.". Immediately before Oswald was arrested, the FBI questioned Greer and Kellerman as suspects. 0:19. From this re-enactment, Secret Service investigators concluded that the three shots were fired within frames 210 - 313 of the Zapruder film, a time period of 5.6 seconds. Theres also a slow-motion version on this video, where each of the films frames were expanded to four interpolated frames. Oswald did not fire a single shot that day. A different windshield was "prepared" for the Warren Commission to fit the rear shot script. "We?" The Davis Report An indepth photo journal and analysis of the Patterson Sasquatch film. You can see a cluster of debris accompanying the bullet as it exits the apple. This evidence taken together suggests the fatal head shot came from behind and to the left of where Zapruder was standing. by Larry Jamison. Oswald and Ruby? The Zapruder film is a silent 8mm color motion picture sequence shot by Abraham Zapruder with a Bell & Howell home-movie camera, as United States President John F. Kennedy's motorcade passed through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963.It captured the assassination of the President.. There were suspicions about the untimely death of her uncle as well. A scuffle ensued with a FBI agent. SA Glen Bennett, left rear seat. the 1970s, Lifton had argued that the bright reddish-white wound which seems to JPG scan of personal note from Charles Crenshaw dated 1-26-94. Ref: Conspiracy of Silence, Dr. Charles A. Crenshaw, High Treason, Robert J. Groden and Harrison E. Livingstone, and Murder from Within, Fred Newcomb and Perry Adams. Paul combined my information with work by fellow reporter Bob Boyd who accessed some Dallas Police Dept. In the same Nov. 29, 1963 statement, Emory P Roberts adds the following: "It is estimated that we were traveling about 20-25 miles an hour at the time of the shooting, and it is believed that the follow-up car was approximately. After studying the Zapruder film, it's clear that Greer shoots Kennedy after Kennedy had already been shot in the throat (by Greer) which caused JFK to clench his fists with upraised arms in front of his throat (seen very clearly in James Altgens #6 photo taken while he was standing in the street and on the Zapruder film as the limo emerges from behind the highway sign) and turns towards Jackie who was sitting to his left. We would talk and she would give me eventually all 154 pages of the Torbitt Document that her daughter was copying for me on a office copy machine. A little known event that I learned about from my interview with Fred Newcomb can best be described as the "hospital room scuffle." In analyzing the Zapruder film, there is a jiggle right after Z-frame 313 and Zframe 330, confirming that a shot was taken after Z-frame 313. Deputy Sherriff Roger Craig even identifies him as Oswald as he leaves the rear of the building. By the evening of that day, Zapruder developed three copies of the film. a thousand-word footnote in his 1980 book. taken: In No shots from the front or from inside the car. He was not going to carry his camera but on insistence from his assistant he did. Transcript of Hard Copy narration of zapruder film, broadcast 11-21-91 - "The Final Frames, "Despite the theories, despite the movie scripts, the answers to who shot President Kennedy are right here in this film shot by a Dallas business man. When developed, it was a 16 mm wide, 25-foot-long u201Cdouble 8u201D film, with sprocket holes running along both outside edges, and was unslit. Draw your own conclusions. He goes on to say, "Careful study of the tape shows him forming his lips to make the "mmm" sound, not "nnn." the position of JFKs head compared to fixed parts of the limousine (like the Lifton was a graduate in Friday, November 22nd: Zapruder's home movie of the assassination was developed at the Kodak Plant in Dallas. which exposed his right temple to the front of the car. All 486 frames of the Zapruder film Israeli Soldier's Story |Home |Fukushima Psyops| Agenda 21 | Treat Parasites | Swine Flu Hoax/Vaccine | Links |Jane Tripp Time Travel|Discussion My personal mail problems! those frames.) engineering physics. Many would say that this is just a highlight on the passengers head - Roy Kellerman. This video shows a bit of additional footage seen in the space between the sprocket holes of the Zapruder film and gives you a better view of the motorcycle cops and the Secret Service car (and agents) immediately behind JFK's limo. Connally's clothing in a sack from Parkland Hospital. There are innumerable conspiracy theories surrounding President Kennedys assassination. muscles have gone into spasm because of the brain damage? The rifle shot from the Grassy Knoll occurred AFTER the throat shot to divert attention towards the Grassy Knoll and away from the limo as Greer prepared to finish off Kennedy with the fatal head shot. The most important of these calls came from a Maine musician, Tyler Newcomb, who put me in touch with his dad, Fred. [Editor's Note: I read William Cooper's 1991 book, Behold a Pale Horse, in 1995. It was well known that Gov. For new readers, let me just say that my original letter to the editor was written before I had met Mr. Newcomb. The choppers made by Bell, as you can see, were major assets in the Vietnam war following the JFK assination. It should also be noted that Dr. McClelland also made testimony to the Warren Commission that the head wound could have been caused by "a handgun fired at close range." Since posting this article on August 8, 2007, I've since discovered that the Zapruder film had been doctored to a far greater extent than I had originally thought. Feynman found that JFKs The gun has been etched into a highlight to make you "think" it is Kellermans head. After that he put a condition that the Frame 313 will not be made public. Just as I reached it, there was another sound. 3. 10K Star Of David Charm: Clothing. In order to cover-up the shooting of JFK by Greer, the wounds had to be altered to make it appear that he was shot from the rear instead of the front. This covered all bases. I think I described it in my report as thought someone was shooting a revolver into a hard objectit seemed to have some type of echo. SKU: MSD-8253. (are they trying to drop some hints about the upcoming release of CIA documents? New information and experts cover current updates on the saga that shocked America and changed history as we still have no answers to the truth. The insock is a our own revolutionary technology "BOUNCE FOAM" for optimum comfort. }This planted "stretcher bullet" was necessary to corroborate the hole in Kennedy's back that was put there by an cabal operative to further convince us that he was shot from the rear. Headline from my Op-Ed piece that appeared in the Telegram-Tribune 4-18-92. Did The following week, Life would publish thirty frames of the Zapruder film in black and white. 0. Some frames show the video quite sharp and distinct, while other frames are highly pixelated and you can't see much detail. The following persons departed Love Field in Secret Service Follow-up car, 679 X and were located in and on running boards of car as follows: ATSAIC Emory P. Roberts -- front seat -- operating radio. CPS/DCF Tyranny | Adrenal Burnout | The Women Warriors | Orgone Adventures |Dr. John Coleman | Railroading Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald | Henry Makow The shot was fired from the TSBD at 325 to impact at 328 and Zapruder blurred his film at 331, 6 frames later just as he had for the previous shot from the TSBD fired at 221 with an accompanying blur at 227, 6 frames later. (Link). I'll be writing a separate article highlighting the major discrepancies and discoveries presented at that conference. Frames were also published in color in the December 6, 1963 special "John F. Kennedy Memorial Edition . I tried to capture the sharpest looking individual frames so you could see the moment to moment action of Greer. update [November 2003] Frame 313 of Zapruder film is extremely graphic. 2:25. Topics Zapruder, Film, Frames, JFK, Kennedy, Oswald. The appearance of the bullet hole in the windshield was an embarassment to the feds covering up the murder and since the "returned fire" could have been the case, something had to be done. Frame 313 but also shows a spinning chunk of bone flying up from JFK's head, with a shiny side of the chunk catching the sunlight every time it made one spin, during the time that the shutter of Zapruder's camera was open: A wider view of Frame 313 This piece of bone can also be seen in Frame 314: Frame 314 Bill Cooper | Depleted Uranium| Dowsing |Police & Tasers | British Israel | Born Again Brainwashing | Amy Goodman Gatekeeper|Rethinking Noam Chomsky ASAIC Roy T. Kellerman front seat, with SA William Greer driving, (SS car 100 X--top removed) departed Love Field. yet another method: Frame 312 was blurred Heres the clearest view yet, a new motion-stabilized and panoramic version of the Zapruder film. Their book, entitled "Murder From Within," carries a 1975 copyright and makes such a strong case that it reads like an indictment. 12:29 p.m. - Dallas Police Radio, Channel One, reserved for Presidential security goes dead for 4 minutes. the red spray of blood force his head backwards, like a jet engine? The following image is the usual scenario for the head shot from the rear. Were there two shots? On February 13, 1992, The New Times published a letter to the editor under the headline "The Limo Driver Did It," which led to a chain of events that gave me "the keys to the magic door," (as one friend put it.) Michael Paine was also responsible for helping bring Marina Oswald into this country from Russia. There is a His response was "from right there in the car." JFK Kennedy Assassination - Zapruder film - high resolution. He was challenged on the phone by Newcomb and then said "I must have smelled it coming down from the book depository." What really sells this piece is believable interviews with a leader in the Blakey commission, ex-CIA personnel and Parkland Hospital staff (Mr. McClelland offering his first-hand observation of an *exit* wound to at the *back* of . who is lauren fenmore married to in real life, truly seltzer expiration date, ramsey country club membership cost,

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