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They knew that one day they would have to battle the Fourth Host of Celestials, so they forged forge the ultimate weapon. Old King Thor often refers to 616 Thor as his "past self" and has insinuated . He also injured Galactus even he defeated serpent who is a Odin tier enemy. He did nothing universal, less alone multiversal. In his many journeys, Norrin Radd has proven to be an extremely powerful hero. Still at the end of the day the Ten Realms are not ten universes, they aren't even ten different dimensions. Thor and Volstagg fought side by side in the battle that initially made Thor worthy of Mjolnir when they fought the hordes of Hel. That was the original story of how Galactus survived and became who he is which was told in Thor #161 I believe it was.,,, So when RK Thor does this. Meaning the so called World Tree wasn't what people thought it was. Born from Odin and Gaea, the Goddess of he Earth, Thor was actually conceived to be the strongest Asgardian of all time. No. This version of Thor was less reliant on Mjolnir as a power source. Galactus, unsurprised, decides to go to war with Asgard. And he isn't multiversal because Yggdrasil unlike what some claims have been made. Funny enough Loki himself had already theorized that Those Who Sit Above In Shadow, were actually created through the worship of the Asgardians themselves. I mean depending on how you powerscale anyone* in marvel does. Among the strongest and most dangerous foes Thor has ever faced is the Destroyer armor. Born from the species known as the Eternals, Thanos was an anomaly to his people. Originally a mongoose that was experimented on by the High Evolutionary, Mongoose (as hed come to call himself) was turned into a human-sized, bi-pedal, fully sentient creature. Though Thor gets top billing when it comes to godly superheroes in the Marvel Universe, hes hardly the only divine champion on the planet. With strength beyond measure, just his name is enough to cause most civilizations to cower. Imagine thinking any skyfather could be multiversal to begin with. The Silver Surfer has come quite a way since his time spent as the herald of Galactus. But again, all of that has been more than debunked. Where you can see in the map shown above that the map in the previous scan was still valid. While Marvels versions of the old Nordic gods arent exactly accurate, they still bring joy to fans across the globe, keeping the stories of old going. I won't be going that detail onto scalings but I'll show feats worth mentioning 1.Stunning and KO'ing God of God Hercules The same Hercules has access to powers forbidden to Gods and Mortals Gods in Marvel are Jungian Archetypes Here is . Thus we arrive at a simple but factual conclusion RK Thor never had universal power less alone multiversal. So if he wanted to free himself and Asgard from the cycle, he needed to destroy the Loom. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. And for a time there was only Chaos and Gaia. In Silver Surfer #4, Loki convinces the Silver Surfer that Thor is a danger that needs to be stopped. During his frog adventures, Simon meets Thor, who has also turned into a frog. Zachary Zahara is an author from Massachusetts who dabbles in many different mediums. And thus we see Yggdrasil imploding into itself. It's probably something akin to what happened in Mark Waid's History of the Marvel Universe, where Galactus and Franklin sited at the birth of a new creation and the last of the previous ones. Not only did he defeat another herald of Galactus, but he also destroyed an entire planet without causing himself any harm. Thor appears in 8145 issues. Rune King Thor is not multiversal., First appearing in The Mighty Thor #387, Exitar the Exterminator is prone to destroying worlds completely. And then we already know the story. Let me say this right off the bat, No. He did nothing universal, less alone multiversal. As if it had been undone. Thor may be one of the Marvel Universe's strongest characters, but these OP acts are absolutely ridiculous. Out of all the materials in the Marvel Universe, the most notorious, and arguably the most powerful, is the metal known as adamantium. A structure within the universe. During Dan Jurgens run on Thor, Thanos is questing after the Chalice of Tears and the Map Of All-Ending to destroy the universe. The World Serpent, or Jormungand, is the son of Loki and the sorceress Angerboda. On the other hand, Cyclops wants Hope to be possessed by the Phoenix, as he sees it as a chance for mutants to prosper. RELATED:All Of Silver Surfers Powers, Ranked. Still we can see the several lands that make up Asgard. He simply brought down the walls that kept Asgard safe. But again, all of that has been more than debunked. He destroyed Yggdrasil, the World Tree. Maybe those ten worlds were kinda like the worlds Silver Surfer kept from Galactus. Mjolnir can control the weather on a global (or sometimes universal) scale, rain down lighting, create portals, fly at faster-than-light speeds, discharge massive energy attacks, and lets Thor time travel whenever he wants. Pushing an engine, even one with a fancy name, might not sound terribly impressive, but just hold on for a moment while we review whats going on. Thor is injured during the fight and when he regains consciousness, hes in Asgard, but things seem peculiar. His job undone, Thor enters Exitars head and performs another of his all-time greatest feats: Tying his Belt of Power around Mjolnir to focus his energies, Thor unleashes his God Blast, hitting Exitars brain with the all of his lifeforce. Celestials wouldn't plee and they wouldn't simply sit and let Thor ruin their plans. Comic Vine users. Constantly trying to find ways to defeat Thor, the God of Evil resorted to all manner of tricks. Much like now during the Black Winter event we see that the Silver Surfer kept five special planets/worlds from Galactus. - Quora Answer (1 of 5): All right!! Never seen someone claim he's multiversal, only universal. And you're not even hiding it. Thus what RK Thor accomplished was to destroy a parasitic tree, that at the time fed on the lives of those nine realms. Thor: Love & Thunder hit theaters July 7, which introduces Jane Foster as Thor to the MCU. Meaning the so called World Tree wasn't what people thought it was. He pushes the Worldengine and the World Tree back into place, which is the equivalent of pushing all the realms back into their intended alignments. And for a time there was only Chaos and Gaia. Strange and is as powerful as Loki. More so the Silver Surfer himself points out that Asgard is simply part of Universe 616. it would be difficult to actually draw 9 to 10 entire universes on a tree especially since we have no real word perspective of what the whole universe looks like from outside of it, its not meant to be exact similar to the dragonball macrocosm map so dont take everything literal, Asgard is a pocket universe, your confusing the Floating Land of Asgard with the entire dimension, theres visible stars and other celestials bodies throughout the Asgard dimension and again its been stated to be a pocket universe. Which again proves just how powerful he was. Regardless From what we know that seed links to ten specific worlds in the universe. As for the Worldengine, it was a device connected to the World Tree that could trick the World Tree into thinking Ragnarok had already occurred. They couldn't stop under their own power, admitted their defeat, and offered Thor a reward to spare them - concession, apology, and make-up. The Black Winter devoured the sixth iteration of the cosmos, leaving only a single survivor - Galan of Taa, who it chose as its Herald. Iron Hammer can be seen wearing a red, yellow, and silver suit of armor and wielding a giant version of Mjolnir. What past are you talking about? Still the universe kept on going., More so the Silver Surfer himself points out that Asgard is simply part of Universe 616. Knocked-Out the Hulk. Despite this, Silver Surfer still managed to defeat the demon quite handily. While Old King Thor is technically from Earth-14412, his life force is tied to the main universe Thor of Eath-616. Right before Thor kills Stalin, the Invaders try to stop him. It cannot be hurt or stopped by conventional means and his mere movements are enough to cause tidal waves and earthquakes -- he can cast illusions, is incredibly intelligent, and is immortal. Each culture has its own lavish story about how the world came to be and how their god(s) were the makers of everything. Especially one endowed with cosmic abilities. The strongest version of thor has all the power of Galactus after the latter got a power up to fight what may or may not be an aspect of oblivion. Jane Foster was a nurse who worked with Dr. Donald Blake, Thors first human vessel. I feel really bad because you clearly put time and effort into this only to be disproved by a single sentence. In a surprising turn of events, Jane was able to lift the magical hammer, gaining the powers of a god. Each culture has its own lavish story about how the world came to be and how their god(s) were the makers of everything. Now Destroying the Loom is not the same as actually directly defeating Those Who Sit Above In Shadow. I'm tired. Towards the end of the event, the Hulk and Thor run into each other and start fighting. Which again proves just how powerful he was. The universe didn't crumble or was shattered or destroyed. But Gaia felt lonely and thus with the permission of the Chaos she birthed the Sky and everything in the firmament. New Movie News, Movie Trailers & upcoming Movie Reviews, 10 Times Silver Surfer Proved He Was The Most Powerful Character In The Marvel Universe, 5. Goes double for the depictions of Yggdrasil. Kratos is the protagonist of the God of War series. Recruiting Loki to his side, the war god unleashes the World Serpent, sending it to Earth where it promptly wraps around the planet. Written by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz, the tale featured Thor and Hercules standing high atop a plateau on a far-off planet, where they would arm-wrestle one another to finally put an end to the question about who was stronger. After becoming a doctor, she later met the God of Thunder himself. You're all over MY thread. Character You could also perhaps scale to Odin, who has at least one multiversal outlier. Fans know the vast multiverse that is the Marvel Universe. One of those such beings is none other than Silver Surfer's former master, Galactus. And it's dying because the Black Winter has already entered Universe 616. In Journey Into Mystery #94, Thor is busy saving the world and Loki (while held in prison) uses his magic to make Thor think hes fighting a dragon. Yggdrasil holds infinite universes. Plus all sites just seem to have an overall different standard for feats and scaling, which makes every site think every other site is absolute bunk. During one of his many cosmic adventures, Silver Surfer was forced to release massive amounts of cosmic energy. Their battle grows fiercer with each passing second until Umar catches Thor in an energy field that has the constricting strength equal to the weight of 20 planets. Special worlds without a doubt but they are still part of the universe at large. The event "Secret Invasion" featured the alien shapeshifting race known as the Skrulls, and how theyd infiltrated nearly every branch of superhero team and government. While fans constantly debate about whether the Hulk or Thor is stronger, theres another group of readers who pontificate on whether Hercules, the Prince of Power, is mightier than Thor, the God of Thunder. I just check in from time to time (create a thread or two in a years out of curiosity) and all I see are salty kids. Piercing the Chaos King with lightning, forcing Galactus to fall back with God Blast and maybe scaling to Hulk's outliers, as far as I know. that confirms that either you have never picked up a Thor comic, or you've read all of them to find the perfect lowball. Why? In one final act of desperation, Thor throws Mjolnir with all his strength. Thor opens a chasm of earth, which Loki falls into, only to then literally pull the earth back together again. Its about time RKT getting a debunking thread. To better understand the feat of Thor pushing the World Engine, its important to understand Yggdrasill. This solidified him as one of the most dangerous beings in Marvel. And from his own light He created all the angels. After some fighting and debate on who should wield the hammer, Odin designed a new one for Beta Ray Bill and named it Stormbreaker. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. These many adventureshave helped establish Silver Surferas one of the most popular cosmic characters in comics today. Upon landing, they maintain the contest -- only now the match has become so impressive that the two have generated enough pressure to knock the whole world out of orbit. The embodiment of the Sky was named Ouranos (people know it better as Uranus). Answer (1 of 6): Yes. A Multiverse is a hypothetical set of infinite or finite possible universes that together can comprise anything from a comparatively simple collection of parallel 4-dimensional universal space-time continuums, to the 11-dimensional multiversal structure our reality is assumed to be in some theories, or sometimes even higher levels of reality. After getting wind of whats happening, Thor steps in -- though hes actually in a weakened state at the time the events are unfolding. Norrin Radd was pure of heart, and there is nothing Mephisto wants more than a pure soul. He schemes to destroy the Avengers and all of Earths heroes, once and for all, but realizes he needs help. After learning about the nature of their predicament, the Avengers make their way over to Mt. He has used his raw power to dispatch some of the most powerful enemies in the multiverse. Yet Mongoose was, and is, nowhere near Thors level of power. Still the universe kept on going. And unlike what some have made it seem, what he did was simply open a path to where the kingdom of Asgard lies. I've seen Hulk ~ SVS and thought that was ridiculous, but Hulk being greater by thousands of times? As the issue begins, some high-tech thugs, known as the Bombardiers, are in a highly advanced flying vehicle and destroy a building, resulting in a loss of life. THANK YOU!.. Many heroes are caught off guard and only survive by the skin of their teeth. [/QUOTE. The God of Thunder refuses to see a world full of innocents be ripped apart and takes the fight to Exitar. This piece of Mjolnir was then wielded by Simon, who gained the powers that come with it. In an event featuring the Avengers battling the Defenders, the two teams chase after pieces of a mystic artifact called the Evil Eye. Much like now during the Black Winter event we see that the Silver Surfer kept five special planets/worlds from Galactus. Volstagg is a member of the Warriors Three and a friend to Thor Odinson. Old King Thor is one of the most powerful variants of the character. Thor's strength is matched by few like Hulk and the Sentry. The only thing Hitler had to do was talk about Teutonic glory and how he wanted the rest of the world to be full of blond-haired supermen like Thor. Yggdrasil is simply a structure. Hulk (whom Thor obviously scales to) and Ironclad matched this feat in . And from the union of Ouranos and Gaia came the Titans. Sure, RKT isn't multiversal, but everyone with a functioning brain cell knows that, already. And has already begun the initial process to begin destroying it. isn't Rui Silva the guy who generally underrates Lucifer and Thor??? I'd like to point out that this is blatantly copying a Quora answer. As they tried to blast each other with their respective cosmic energies, a resulting chain reaction caused the planet to explode. He found his love of writing and love of comics at a young age, making it his passion ever since. It isn't even a universe. One of the most powerful Celestials to ever exist, there are few sentient beings as mighty as Exitar -- resisting him is a futile gesture. Feeling proud of yourself, yet? For their part, the Skrulls had endowed themselves with the abilities of all of Earths heroes, in an attempt to become powerful enough to defeat anyone who might oppose them, and this included Thor. The blow is so powerful that it knocks out the Phoenix, something never before seen. When Captain Americas god squad encounters the Phoenix, the cosmic bird easily incapacitates everyone until only Thor is left. On a few separate occasions, Silver Surfer has shown the ability to survive within the impossible harsh conditions of a black hole. And funny enough this was again shown when Thor became Rune King Thor. @princesscadenza: Did Galactus and Franklin straight up tank the birth and death of the multiverse or was there something else that allowed them to see that? On one occasion, Silver Surfer knocked the Hulk off balance by launching his board at the green beast. However he does realizes that the tapestry of the Fates was rigged to move in an endless cycle. Lies force-fed, comics read, Thor wank dead! Odin made that claim for all the ten realms in a 2015 comic, that was written by the current head of marvel cosmic stuff, Al Ewing Rkt he destroyed all of the Marvel omniverse. This future Thor, like his father Odin, gave his eye in order to have all the knowledge in the nine realms. Before they part ways, Thor and Hercules, realizing they need to close the gateway, each deliver a punch to the portal, their blows impacting upon part of the universe itself, closing the rift. Follow 17364. . Where you can see in the map shown above that the map in the previous scan was still valid. He broke the Surfer's board and sent him flying with a powerful telekinetic blast. Throughout the battle, Odin decides to take on Galactus, while Thor takes care of the Silver Surfer. This is the argument I seen for Ppl scaling RKT to boundless. Beta, with Stormbreaker, wields the power of Thor and often helps or steps in for the God of Thunder. Although it took all of the energy he had, Silver Surfer was able to resist the telepath's attacks and then defeated her in combat. Then, just by flexing, Thor breaks free of the adamantium cables. Disney+'s Loki featured many Easter eggs and one of the best was Throg, a frog version of Thor, who appeared in episode five of the series. While there, Mephisto's power grows exponentially stronger. He is way more powerful than Galactus. Has quite a few multiversal feats. Which obviously was not the case. To put things into perspective, she was able to put theworld-class mutant telepath Charles Xavier in a coma using a very basic psi-bolt attack. This includes not just universes but higher spatial dimensions as well and theres multiple statements besides the ones you posted confirming that it contains infinite realities of each dimension, Midgard is clearly referring to the the 616 universe where humans reside so the totality of Midgard realities alone is a multiverse on Yggdrasil, they just focus on planets and lands of other realms to simplify the diagram and give you an idea of the terrain since thats where the locals reside, they wouldnt just be floating in space now would they? He even says: The Black Winter killed the universe before ours, Thor. Celestials wouldn't plee and they wouldn't simply sit and let Thor ruin their plans. Like Thortards can't prove me directly that Thor "merged" with cosmos. Still that tree is back. As this was their first encounter, Silver Surfer only had Lokis word that Thor was evil and Thor only knew that the chrome surfer was attacking him. Eventually, Thor comes across the villains and knocks them out of the sky. They refuse and Silver Surfer relays the message to his master. Throughout this multiverse, there have been many versions of the mighty Thor, some more powerful than others. Everyone has bad days, but not quite like Thor. Worlds that possessed special energies that made them different from all the other worlds in the universe. Mangog is the physical embodiment of an entire race that was killed by Odin and channels the strength of a billion billion being. Funny enough Loki himself had already theorized that Those Who Sit Above In Shadow, were actually created through the worship of the Asgardians themselves. They are simply ten worlds. The Silver Surfer eventually proves victorious, but realizes Loki boosted his power. If Thor is going to be surviving the gravitational pressure of a neutron star, then you can bet hes also going to withstand the combined weight of20 planets. Thor keeping Loki alive even after he rips out his head would've been somewhat impressive hadn't Thanos done what he did to Deadpool, where he all but makes him immortal. Using the power cosmic, not only can Silver Surfer overpower the Hulk, but he can also send him into unconsciousness or simply drain all of his gamma radiation, turning the green giant back into Bruce Banner. Odin himself made such a claim that Asgard was a universe in itself, in the past. The weird things is that the Mind Valkyrie is actually the manifestation of Thors subconscious given form, which makes things peculiar as Thor kisses the Mind Valkyrie later on. Pretty much, yeah. @scholomance: You know what i hate in Thor/Odin fanboys ? Now these are not multiversal but a non holding back Thor is definitely way way beyond planet busting 1 Pokemonerd25 4 yr. ago The Phoenix Force is a massively powerful sentient entity that roamed the cosmos. For some reason, Thor cannot understand why nobody else can see that the world around them has altered. In the meantime, Spider-Man does his part, constructing some makeshift support columns, which then allows Thor to let go of the skyscraper. With Thor victorious, he goes off to cause chaos elsewhere. Oh, I just wanna know if He has some because Cough Wank Cough people think He can beat Superman. In both the real world and also in the universe of comic books, there are few people in the history of mankind worse than Adolf Hitler. I never really saw him being wanked alot. After Beta defeated Thor, he found that he was able to wield the hammer Mjolnir. It also exists on every plane of reality. Kinda like a self fulfilling wish, where they made Those Who Sit Above In Shadow become real. As if it had been undone. Then you have the monster known as Mangog. it all depends on your experience with said sites. Rune King Thor is not multiversal. Quora has a lot of BS. Lool they instnatly shut the f*cker up and don't reply, I mean people on Discord claim that Thor, Odin, and all other Asgardians are high outerversal in their true form but they use weak avatars. He can use this great power for devastating destruction or, on some occasions, to create and nourish life. A virtually indestructible man-made metal alloy, adamantium is the stuff that coats Wolverines bones and makes him unbreakable and combined with his healing factor, Wolverine is nearly unbeatable. When it landed on Earth, the entity was just a formless mass of energy. RELATED:Valkyrie's New Costume In Thor Love And Thunder. If the planned continued, the baddies wouldve won. Thor, the God of Thunder, is unquestionably not only one of Earths mightiest heroes, but one of the most powerful forces for good throughout the whole universe. The Ultimate Universe was Marvels attempt at transforming their characters to be more realistic and relatable to the times.,

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